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Hi !  We've moved!  Yes, we've left our London HQ (in Trade Tower, SW11, just by the Thames, near Wandsworth Bridge) and we've set up a new HQ here amongst the Berwyn Hills in Wales. When we're not out on the hills looking for bamboo shoots, we work night and day, producing materials for young mathematicians.

Our favourite occupation is thinking up tricky problems to challenge you and to make you think hard. We hope you enjoy them. We've also just produced two books, one full of maths investigations and the other full of maths games (two more activities to stretch you and get you thinking). There's also a book in the pipeline which will give you the 

 gen on all the important sequences which every young mathematician should know about – but that's still a little way off! And there's a kind of maths compendium, absolutely packed with colourful and interesting ideas – a perfect Christmas present for any keen young mathematician (though sadly it won't be ready until some time next year). Other plans are all top secret . . .

What's it like here? Well, many people think that it rains all the time in Wales. That's not quite true but it does rain rather a lot, especially in winter.  Spring and summer can be as warm and sunny as anywhere and the autumns here are glorious – lots of browns and oranges (the colour, not the fruit) and yellows. Outside our studio there's a large maple tree and every year its colours are spectacular, as it goes from yellow to orange to bright red. When we're not working, we like to take the Land Rover and go off-roading – driving up different tracks into the hills and finding new places (though of course we always leave just one of the team behind at Four Winds HQ, to answer the phones and to keep an eye on the website).

If you'd like to contact us – with comments about the website or with questions or suggestions about any of the materials, we'd really love to hear from you! You can find details of how to get in touch on the 'contact us' web page.

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