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This pdf contains a range of useful grids, templates and blanks (square grids, isometric grids, hexagon grids, co-ordinate grids, circle grids, venn diagram blanks, digital clock blanks, ºC thermometer blanks) together with selections of important number sets (number grids, square numbers, prime numbers, powers of 2, factorials, pascal's triangle, common fractions to percentages).


Some grids (eg square grids, isometric grids) are in full-page A4 format; others (smaller grids) are printed 2, 4, 6 or 8 to a page for class use.

grids, templates etc

  • 'grids, templates, etc' is a 1.1 MB pdf document of 41 b/w photocopiable A4 pages.

    contents :  a selection of useful grids, templates and tables

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