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This short booklet contains eight maths games, some of them for two players, some of them solo games – but all of them engaging and of real mathematical value. Numerous maths games were tried  in the classroom but the ones presented here proved to be the most engaging and worthwhile. Straightforward to explain and requiring only simple materials,  these games also proved successful with pupils of different ages and different ability levels.


A photocopiable grid is provided for each game, together with instructions outlining clearly both the aim of the game and the rules to be followed (though not of course the best strategy to adopt; this is left to the pupil's imagination and initiative). It is natural to feel that in a busy maths programme there is barely time to spend on peripheral activities such as maths games – but this would be to miss a valuable opportunity for independent and original thinking on the part of pupils. If you remain to be convinced, just download the booklet and try one or two of the games with your next maths class; you may be surprised at the interest, enthusiasm and original thinking produced.

Maths Games

  • 'Maths Games' is provided as a pdf containing both the rules and the necessary photocopiable grids for each of 8 games.

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