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This is a set of 60 short-form problems, designed to challenge pupils in the 11-14 age range. These problems are somewhat easier than those in our 'no problem' books. To tackle these problems, pupils need no maths skills or knowledge beyond Key Stage 2; they will, however, need to use their existing skills flexibly. Clear and comprehensive answers are provided for all questions. Many answers give more than one way of finding a solution and indeed pupils are repeatedly encouraged to find their own approach to solving the problems. The problems cover a range of topic areas : number problems (inevitably the largest category), geometric & spatial problems, as well as problems on statistics, probability, logic, sets etc.


Each problem is presented within an A6 rectangle, so that there are four mini-problems to each A4 page; once photocopied and cut up into the four separate items (ready to pritt-stick into maths exercise books), these mini-problems make excellent shorter exercises in problem-solving, ideal for individual early finishers or to give to a whole class for class or home working.


  • 'mini-problems' is a 10.4 MB pdf document of 55 b/w photocopiable A4 pages.

    contents :  60 mini-problems and answers, together with full and clear explanations.

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