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This is a book of original, colourful and engaging maths problems, designed to interest any young mathematician. The problems form Part 1 of the book. Part 2 outlines some useful strategies to try when you're completely stuck. Part 3 contains the answers to all questions, along with clear and helpful explanations (often outlining more than one approach).


The 50 problems are on separate pages, making things easy for teachers who wish to email them to pupils eg for homework / prep or for distance learning; the format is designed for easy use with desktop computer, ipad or smart board . . .


. . .  and to help teachers or parents who wish to set the problems without giving immediate access to the answers, 'no problem! book 1' is supplied here as a whole book and also as separate 'problem' and 'answer' books.


These problems were originally designed to challenge and extend able pupils in the yr6 – yr8 age group.


To tackle these problems, no maths knowledge or skills are required beyond those of a yr6 pupil; in particular, no knowledge of algebra is needed. What is essential, and what the book hopes to develop in pupils, is imagination and confidence – and a willingness to tackle the new and the unfamiliar.

no problem! book 1

  • 'no problem! book 1' is supplied as a downloadable 19.2 MB zip file containing pdfs of the book as a whole and of the book as separate problem and answer sections.

    The format of the book is A4 landscape – so that all pages are easily viewed on laptop or desktop computer, on iPad or on smart board.

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