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We have produced our Challenge Cards specifically for the more able pupils in the age-group 8 - 14. They are designed to be printed up as A5 cards and each set comes complete with answers. The Challenge Cards have been extensively tried and tested in the classroom and many teachers have found them to be a valuable extra resource. We hope you and your pupils enjoy using them.


note : Although the pdf gives you a 25-page template for printing up a set of 50 cards (each A4 sheet carries two cards), some teachers have chosen to print on paper either at A5 size or (reduced) at A6 size. Easily stuck into the pupil's maths book, the problems produced this way can be useful for either classroom or home working. Alternatively, problems can be emailed to pupils for homework / prep or for distance learning.


In maths, as in other subjects, able pupils need (and deserve) to be challenged. These cards are designed to do just that; they have already proved popular 'extender' material with teachers in the UK and beyond.

Set A Challenge Cards

  • 'Set A Challenge Cards' comes as a 1.4 MB zip file containing :

    (1)  a pdf of the cards themselves, presented in landscape format and showing 2 cards to a page, ready for printing up as A5 cards

    (2) a pdf of the answers, presented in portrait format, ready for printing up and stapling as an A4 booklet

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