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These investigations come from a variety of sources; some you might have seen before, whilst others are completely original but – they have all been tried and tested in the classroom and found to be practicable, worthwhile and engaging. They’re presented here in a way which makes them easy to grasp and straightforward to carry out in the classroom, or at home. Each investigation is clearly outlined, with the aims, practical resources needed, instructions for pupils and expected results  all  described. Extension activities are suggested where appropriate and photocopiable resource masters are provided where these would be helpful. None of the investigations requires materials beyond  the usual classroom ones.


The 18 different investigations are listed with a suggested year-group for each one. However,  these are only suggestions, as any of the investigations can be used with a variety of year-groups; for example, some of the earlier ones can be adapted to provide interesting investigations for older pupils.


Each of these investigations is a complete lesson and every one of them has a mathematical point or theme of value;  all of them have been tried and tested in the classroom.

Maths Investigations

  • 'Maths Investigations' is provided as a zip folder carrying two zip files, one containing the investigations and the other containing the photocopiable resource masters.

    contents :  18 investigations :  2 for KS1, 3 for year 3, 3 for year 4, 4 for year 5 and 6 for year 6

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